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Let Us Help: Offering Personal & Family Legal Document Services Since 1986

The team at Let Us Help has over three decades of experience with California legal document preparation, typing, and filing for a variety of personal and family-related legal needs, including those listed below.

Fees indicated below do not account for expenses related to document filing, recording, or courier services.

Starting at $499

Let Us Help offers assistance with adoption forms to allow individuals or families to adopt a child. For more information about the documents that we can prepare for you, contact our paralegal team.

Starting at $499

Legal guardianship allows for parents of a child or children to name and give legal rights to the designated caregiver in the event of absence due to a variety of situations, including severe illness or incarceration. The parents’ legal rights are not terminated in most cases, but legal guardians have custody of the children and are given authority to make decisions about protection, education, and childcare.

Starting at $499

Conservatorships allow judge-appointed guardians to manage the personal and/or financial affairs of an individual due to physical or mental limitations that may impact the conservatee’s ability to make these decisions. Conservators can also be appointed to organizations or corporations. A more typical arrangement for conservatorship of an individual is a legal guardianship.

Name Change
Starting at $199

Adults in California can file for a name change with a Petition for Change of Name with the Superior Court. Our team can help you prepare and file this document, after which the court can schedule a hearing. This hearing usually occurs between six and 12 weeks after filing.

Divorce & Legal Separation
Starting at $149

Our divorce and legal separation services are made to help married couples do the following:

  • Dissolve a marriage and divide property, financial obligations, and child custody in the case of divorce.
  • Maintain a marriage but divide property, financial obligations, and child custody in the case of legal separation. Legally separated couples cannot remarry until they have divorced.
Starting at $349

Let Us Help’s paternity document services strive to assist unmarried couples in the preparation of documents for establishing paternity. We can also help individuals respond to petitions for establishing paternity for a child or children. This service does not apply to parents under the age of 18 or couples who are expecting a child that has not yet been born.

Starting at $199

Probate is a court-mandated process aimed at evaluating and executing the terms of a deceased individual’s will. In the absence of a will, state law is the basis for the division of property. Let Us Help’s probate packages address situations where the decedent has left behind a will, as well as those where there is no will.

Deeds & Real Estate
Starting at $99

Let Us Help offers assistance with both grant deeds and quitclaim deeds to transfer real estate from one party to another based on the client’s preferred terms.

Other Personal Services
Starting at $99

Let Us Help’s team offers document preparation and filing services for a wide variety of documents, including those outlined above. Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs with prompt and precise document typing services, filing, and much more.

Personal and family legal document services in California should be affordable, accommodating, and accurate to the needs of the client. Let Us Help is just a phone call away from rendering the services you need for your documents at 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).