California Divorce Document Preparation Services from Experienced Paralegals

Let Us Help is a team that has worked with Californians in need of divorce and legal separation document preparation since 1986. Our paralegal team strives to streamline this process with highly precise document typing and prompt filing services.

What Does Divorce Entail?

Divorce is the process necessary to conclude a marriage between a couple and all the legal relationships between them except for those excluded explicitly in the Divorce Decree or Judgment. A written divorce agreement typically addresses matters relevant to the dissolution of marriage, such as division of property, child support, and debt payments. If the couple in question has already agreed to the terms of the divorce, it is considered uncontested.

One or both parties must file a Petition or Complaint for Divorce with the appropriate court to begin the divorce process in California. A judge can grants this motion after all the necessary paperwork has been submitted, waiting periods have lapsed, and all other obligations, such as appearing before a judge, have been met. Depending on the case, however, it may not be necessary to be physically present in front of the Court to get a divorce approved.

Any fees indicated below do not include those necessary for document filing, recording, or courier services.

Divorce With Minor Children
Starting at $439

Let Us Help’s Divorce With Minor Children Package is designed to facilitate a divorce between a married couple who currently has or is expecting children. This package fits your needs whether or not you also have property or debts to divide.

Divorce without Minor Children
Starting at $419

The Divorce Without Minor Children Package is ideal for married couples who do not have children or a currently pregnant spouse, and also covers terms for dividing property or paying debts.

Divorce Response
Starting at $279

Let Us Help’s Divorce Response Package allows for one party to respond after being served with a Petition for Divorce. After being served, you have 30 days to let the Court know if you want to be a full participant in the process. In some cases, it may be ideal to do this even if you agree with everything laid out in the petition.

Marital Settlement Agreement
Starting at $419

Let Us Help’s Marital Settlement Agreement works for both legal separation and divorce. The Agreement is for spouses who wish to finalize terms relating to property division, debts, child custody, visitation, and support agreements.

Divorce Amendment
Starting at $149

Let Us Help’s Divorce Amendment forms to address changes necessary on divorce forms that have already been filed in court. This amendment form covers any divorce-related document filed before the entry of Judgement. It includes such services as correcting clerical or typographical errors and implementing changes to the terms of the agreement.

After these changes have been made, documents typically have to be re-served or re-filed in the same method used for the original papers. Courts only allow you to amend your Petition for Divorce once without getting advance permission from a Judge. If a second amendment is needed for your petition, please consult with the Court handling your divorce proceedings.

Let Us Help is prepared to assist California spouses with divorce petition preparation, filing, and amendments that are cost-effective and accurate to the needs of the client. For more information about our divorce and legal separation services, or to get a quote for your specific divorce document needs, contact our paralegal team today at 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).