Legal Seperation

Let Us Help Paralegals Are Ready to Assist Californians with Legal Separation Document Services

Unlike a divorce, legal separation allows spouses to separate and divide property, financial obligations, and child care needs without ending the marriage. This agreement may be the preferred option for couples who wish to separate without divorcing for religious or other reasons. Legally separated couples cannot remarry for the duration of the marriage.

Written legal separation documents address parenting concerns, spousal and child support, property division, and debt repayment. Much like a divorce, when both parties agree on the terms outlined in the document, the legal separation is considered uncontested.

How To Obtain a Legal Separation

Paperwork must be filed with the appropriate court, starting with a petition or complaint filed by one or both parties involved in the legal separation. A judge can grant this separation after the completed paperwork has been submitted, waiting periods have lapsed, and any other obligations, such as appearing in court, have been met.

Much like divorce, there are cases in which appearing before a judge may not be necessary. It is up to the court to determine whether this applies to your unique situation.

Fees indicated below do not account for expenses for document filing, recording, or courier services.

Legal Separation With Minor Children
Starting at $499

Let Us Help’s Legal Separation with Minor Children Package allows one or both parties to obtain a legal separation in cases where the couple in question has children or the wife is pregnant. This Package applies regardless of the need to divide property or debts.

Legal Separation without Minor Children
Starting at $419

Our Legal Separation Without Minor Children Package allows couples who do not have and are not expecting children to file for a legal separation. This package is applicable even if you need to divide property or debts between involved parties.

Legal Separation Response
Starting at $279

Let Us Help’s Legal Separation Response Package allows a party to respond after being served with a Petition for Legal Separation. After being served, you must respond to this petition within 30 days, so the Court knows if you want to be a full participant in these proceedings. This process may be necessary even if you agree with everything laid out in the Petition.

Marital Settlement Agreement
Starting at $419

Let Us Help’s Marital Settlement Agreement works for both divorce proceedings and legal separation. This document finalizes the division of property, debts, child custody, visitation, and support agreements.

Legal Separation Amendment
Starting at $119

Our team’s Legal Separation Amendment works much like our Divorce Amendment package. If changes are needed to any filed document relating to your legal separation before a Judgement has been entered, this is the form you need to implement those revisions. This Amendment form works for both changes in legal separation Agreement terms as well as the correction of clerical and typographical errors.

Documents must be re-filed or served in the same manner as the original document after revisions have been implemented. You are allowed by the Court to amend documents relating to your legal separation once without the advance approval of a judge. After that, you must seek permission from the Court directly, which is not a service that Let Us Help can render on your behalf.

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