Post-Judgment Recovery

Let Us Help’s Post-Judgment Recovery Services Let You Get Paid First

Let Us Help paralegals stand at the ready to assist California plaintiffs in collecting on judgments with fast, precise legal document preparation and filing services. Better still, you don’t pay until you’ve gotten your money. We want to help you get what you are owed after a judgment has been made.

Methods of Post-Judgment Recovery

California, the following methods of post-judgment recovery are allowed:

Bank Account Levy

Expenses may be recovered by charging the debtor’s bank accounts directly. Defendants are entitled to file a Claim of Exemption in such cases to return lost funds.

Till Tap Levy

A till tap or cash register levy allows a sheriff to take cash from a till on the defendant’s business premises to pay you directly.

Vehicle Levy

With a vehicle levy, the sheriff can levy on and sell a vehicle owned by and registered to the debtor to reclaim lost monies. The legal owner of the car is entitled to file a claim in which the car must be paid off by you before it can be sold. If this vehicle is the only one registered to the debtor, bidding at the car’s auction starts at $2,550. If this minimum bid isn’t received, the vehicle is returned to the defendant.

Wage Garnishment

Under an Earnings Withholding Order, you can receive money for your judgment by taking approximately 25% of the debtor’s earnings each payday. Employers must respond within 15 days after being served to report the defendant’s employment and pay status. The defendant can file a Claim of Exemption to return garnished funds if they are facing economic hardship. You, in turn, can apply for a hearing to oppose this claim.


If the debtor is a business or business owner, a keeper levy installs a keeper, usually a sheriff, to render the company and its assets under that party’s control. This can only occur if the defendant is both the business owner and the party that signs their name on the writ.

Fees indicated below do not include filing, recording, or courier service charges.

Post-Judgment Recovery
Starting at 35% of recovered funds

Let Us Help’s post-judgment recovery services allow clients to enforce judgments so they can recover what a debtor owes them, either through cash, assets, or other approved methods of payment. Popular methods of recovering funds include:

  • Wage Garnishment
  • Bank Levy
  • Vehicle Levy
  • Till Tap Levy
  • Keeper Levy

We can also help you prepare and file an Order for Examination, in which the defendant must appear in court to discuss their assets with you for repayment. If the debtor does not appear, you can request an arrest warrant for an additional fee.

Let Us Help paralegals are prepared to assist California residents in need of post-judgment recovery services. Call our team today at 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874) for more information about our document preparation and filing services.