Get More Time to Relocate After Eviction With Let Us Help

Eviction cases can be incredibly stressful for renters to endure, and Let Us Help paralegals want to make the relocation process as easy as possible on tenants in these situations. California tenants in need of eviction assistance can count on our team to assist them in their time of need, just as we have aided many other residents during our over 30 years of service.

How Does Eviction Assistance Work?

Landlords are required to provide some amount of notice before eviction that varies depending on the reason. They can only remove tenants from their properties with a signed Order of Eviction from the court. According to California law, property owners must have just cause to evict a tenant. This can include nonpayment of rent, using the leased space for illegal activities, or violating your lease agreement.

Tenants also have the opportunity to provide a defense against an eviction. Common arguments against tenant eviction include:

  • Payment of rent if the tenant is being evicted for nonpayment of rent
  • The landlord not keeping the property in good repair and livable condition
  • The landlord retaliating against the tenant for reporting code violations or requesting repairs

If you would like to defend against eviction, Let Us Help can assist you in filing a written response with the court. If you do not have a legal defense, we can assist you with legal document preparation and filing services that are timely and cost-effective.

(Please note that as of April 6, 2020, the California Judicial Council has delayed eviction proceedings. Tenants have until 90 days after the state of emergency has been lifted before property owners can act on legal demands for rent. During this time, however, landlords can still file new eviction cases.)

Fees indicated below do not include filing, recording, or courier service charges.

Tenant Eviction Assistance
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Let Us Help’s Tenant Eviction Assistance services strive to help tenants facing eviction get more time to relocate as well as keep this eviction case off of their records. We can also help tenants with preparing and filing a written response to the claims levied against them. The fees for this service depend on the amount of rent you are paying for your rental property.

While California residents currently have additional time before eviction cases are legally actionable, landlords can still file new claims during this grace period. If you need assistance with an eviction, our paralegal team is ready to help you get where you need to go.

When you need tenant eviction assistance, the paralegals at Let Us Help are ready to assist you. Call 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874) today for more information about our eviction services or to get a quote for your specific needs.