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Streamlined, Cost-Effective Business Document Preparation from Let Us Help

Since 1986, our service has been proud to aid California businesses with legal document preparation, typing, and even filing services that can be performed at your convenience.

Our services aim to benefit self-representing clients. However, they can also give small businesses the jump-start they need to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion without spending as much overall on documents, state fees, filing, courier service costs, and other related services.

Catering to Your Business’ Needs

We provide document preparation services catered to establishing and running a variety of business entities, including those related to:

  • Incorporation
  • Fictitious business names
  • LLCs
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Partnerships
  • And more

Want to do more with your business documents? Let Us Help’s paralegal team also renders the following services to keep your business operating in full compliance with local and state regulations, including:

  • Starting your business
  • Company compliance
  • Company essentials and supplies
  • Operating your business
  • Agreements
  • Certified documents
  • Dissolution and conversion
  • And much more

Let Us Help is dedicated to offering a wide variety of commercial legal document preparation options to benefit California businesses. Call 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874) for more information about these documents, our filing services, or to get a quote for your business document needs.

Single Living Trust Package
Starting at $499

Our comprehensive living trust package includes all of the necessary documents designed for individual trusts. The Living Trust Agreement requires your signature to be actionable. This package outlines the obligations of the trustee as the manager of your estate and allocates this property to your chosen beneficiaries after death. You, the Settlor, serve as the trustee unless you are incapacitated or wish to sign over these responsibilities to a successor trustee until you pass away.

Single Living Trust packages are amendable and revocable at your discretion while you are alive and competent to make such decisions about the terms therein.

Joint Living Trust Package
Starting at $549

Let Us Help’s Joint Living Trust Package provides several living trust documents tailored to meet the needs of a married couple in one convenient package. The Agreement must be signed by both spouses as Settlors, and both parties act as trustees while they are alive and competent. If both spouses pass away or are incapacitated, you can designate a successor trustee. This agreement is revocable and amendable at the discretion of both spouses

Spouses each receive copies of the following:

  • Trust Agreement (Joint A with optional B, Joint A/B, or Joint A/B/C Trust Agreements are available)
  • Pour-Over Will (one copy per spouse)
  • Organizational Section
  • Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney (one copy per spouse)
  • Advance Healthcare Directive (one copy per spouse)
Living Trust Amendment
Starting at $499

Let Us Help’s Living Trust Amendment Form allows trustees to easily change minor provisions instead of preparing a new living trust that fits your wishes for your property. Terms can be added or deleted as you see fit.

Living Trust Revocation
Starting at $549

Living Trust Revocation documents can revoke, dismantle, or dissolve an existing single living trust. Revocation of an existing living trust is also necessary for trustees preparing to create a new Living Trust Agreement.

If you have more questions about our California living trust document preparation services, Let Us Help. Our team is only a phone call away from assisting you with your legal document needs at (562) 551-8281.