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Comprehensive Estate Planning Document Services

Let Us Help is proud to provide Californians with the ability to craft Wills and Living Trust Agreements in accordance with their needs. Our team can draft, and file wills, living trusts, and power of attorney documents on your behalf.

Fees associated with the documents outlined below do not include charges for filing, recording, or courier services.

Living Trust Packages
Starting at $499

This Living Trust Package bundles together several related documents into one convenient package for an individual trustee. The Settlor–that is, the intended trustee–signs the Living Trust Agreement form, which allows you to manage your property as you see fit and determine where your belongings and assets are distributed after your passing.

You serve as the trustee for your estate for as long as you are alive and competent. Should you become incapacitated or unwilling to perform these duties, you can designate a successor trustee to serve on your behalf. Single Living Trust Agreements are amendable, revocable, and can be terminated at your direction. If you need to create a new Living Trust Agreement, please order a Living Trust Revocation.

Living Trust Revocation
Starting at $499

This service allows you to revoke your current Living Trust Agreement for any reason you see fit. Revocation of an existing agreement is necessary for creating a new Living Trust Agreement.

Living Trust Modification
Starting at $499

This form allows you, the Settlor, to add to, subtract from, and amend your current Living Trust Agreement as you see fit.

Power Of Attorney
Starting at $149

Let Us Help Power of Attorney forms allow you to choose an agent to act on your behalf for personal, financial, and medical reasons. Authority granted by principals to agents can be broad or limited in scope per the wishes of the principal. If you need revocation for your current Power of Attorney documents, we can prepare that for you when you add a Revocation of Power of Attorney or a Revocation of Advance Healthcare Directive to your order.

Simple Will
Starting at $149

Let Us Help’s Simple Will form allows you to delegate the following for your estate:

  • What you wish to do with your property and assets after your passing
  • Who you want to act as a guardian for any minor children in your household after your death.
  • Who you would like to oversee the distribution of your assets after you pass away.

Let Us Help has worked since 1986 to provide comprehensive legal document services related to California estate planning. For more information about preparing or filing documentation for wills, living trusts, or power of attorney, you can call our team today at 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).