Partnership Agreements

What to Know About Forming a Partnership Agreement in California

Let Us Help offers Partnership Agreement preparation and filing services to establish a simple agreement between business partners legally. Any two individuals can enter into this type of agreement with a handshake or verbal confirmation of the agreement.

Partnership Agreements describe the terms and conditions for the partnership, as well as profit and loss distribution. While Partnership Agreements do not need to be formal in execution, there are some responsibilities involved. Both partners, for example, are liable for the debts incurred by the partnership. For this reason, many prospective business partners may choose to incorporate their business or establish a limited liability company (LLC) instead. 

Fees indicated below do not include filing and recording fees or courier service charges that may be incurred during the document preparation process.

Partnership Agreement
Starting at $249

Let Us Help’s Partnership Agreement package can document the terms of a simple agreement between business partners, whether formal or informal.

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