Start Your Business on the Right Foot with California Incorporation Services

Let Us Help’s premium incorporation services have aided businesses of all sizes since 1986 with swift document preparation and filing. Our paralegal team is happy to support companies in their endeavors.

Why Incorporate Your Business?

A corporation is an organization approved by the state to conduct business in that state. Benefits include:

Corporations have legal rights and obligations similar to an individual, including property ownership and the ability to enter agreements. Corporation owners are not typically personally responsible for debts or liability incurred by the corporation, which makes incorporation a sensible option for protecting personal assets.

Fees indicated below do not include such costs as filing fees or courier service charges.

Premium Incorporation Package
Starting at $199

Let Us Help’s incorporation package includes all of the documents needed to create your corporation, including:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Preliminary name search
  • Bylaws
  • EIN and Form 2553 preparation

You also receive a corporate seal and kit that comes with the following:

  • A record book with your business’s name embossed on the spine
  • A corporate embosser seal
  • A shareholder ledger
  • A summary of transactions worksheet
  • Custom-printed and numbered Share Certificates for your business

If you are looking to establish a corporation in California, Let Us Help’s incorporation package can get you started quickly and easily. For more information about our document services, or to get a quote for your business needs, call 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874) today.