Prepare Deeds in California With the Let Us Help Team

The Let Us Help team is here to assist California residents with real estate and estate planning needs, including the preparation and filing of deeds. A deed, in short, is a document that can transfer the ownership of real estate property from a previously indicated owner to a new owner. Deeds also provide a legal description of the real estate property in question.

For a deed to be valid, it must be signed by the person transferring the property in the presence of a Notary Public. After the document is signed and notarized, the deed should be filed with the County Recorder’s office in the county where the property is located.

There are two main types of deeds we can provide for you: grant deeds and quitclaim deeds. These distinctions between the two are primarily based on the presence–or lack thereof–of covenants implied by each document.

The fees indicated below do not account for filing, recording, or courier service charges.

Correcting Deed
Starting at $149

Let Us Help’s Correcting Deed form allows a person to amend typographical or clerical errors found in a deed that has already been recorded. Depending on the type of deed that needs correction, you may need one of the following forms:

  • Correcting Quitclaim Deed
  • Correcting Grant Deed
Grant Deed
Starting at $99

A Grant Deed form allows a property owner to transfer a piece of real estate that they own to another person of their choosing.

The use of a grant deed implies the following terms:

  • That the real estate in question is, at the time of the execution of this deed, free from encumbrances made, done, or suffered by the grantor or any person claimed under them
  • That, before the execution of the deed in question, the grantor has not conveyed this real estate property to any person other than the grantee

The covenants implied herein can be sued upon in the same manner as if they had been inserted into the deed’s text.

Interspousal Transfer Deed
Starting at $99

Let Us Help’s Interspousal Transfer Deed form allows interests in real estate to be transferred between spouses. In this deed form, you can specify appropriate exclusions so that the transfer does not trigger a reappraisal of the real estate that might otherwise affect property taxes.

The most common transfers of property that required Interspousal Transfer Deed include the following:

  • Transfer to a spouse’s trust
  • Transfer to a trust for the surviving spouse of a deceased person
  • From a spouse’s trust to the settlor of the trust
  • From a joint tenancy to community property or tenancy in common
  • From one spouse to the other
  • From one spouse to both spouses
  • From both spouses to one spouse
  • Transfer made to relinquish any community interest
  • Transfer made to vest a given property in the name of the grantee as his or her sole and separate property

There are two main types of Interspousal Transfer Deed forms:

  • Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed
  • Interspousal Transfer Quitclaim Deed
Quitclaim Deed
Starting at $99

A Quitclaim Deed form allows the property owner to transfer whatever rights he or she has to that property to another person. In the case of real estate, a quitclaim deed can transfer any interest the grantor has in real estate to the indicated grantee. If the property owner does not have any rights to the real estate, the deed does not transfer anything.

Unlike a Grant Deed form, which has both implicit and explicit promises made between the grantor and the grantee, a Quitclaim Deed does not make any promises at all and instead is a direct transfer of rights to a piece of real estate to another person.

Whether you need to create or amend a deed form for your California real estate, Let Us Help is always ready to assist you with precise and timely legal document preparation services. If you need more information about the documents we can prepare on your behalf, or wish to get a quote for your real estate document necessities, you can contact our team today at 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).