Effective California Judgment Services From Let Us Help

Let Us Help paralegals stand ready to assist California residents with their judgment enforcement needs. It’s one matter to get a judgment against a debtor, but it’s an entirely different one to enforce the judgment. It can be frustrating to sit by and let a debt collection agency handle the issue with letters and phone calls and potentially never get your money back. Fortunately, our services can assist you in enforcing judgments while saving time, money, and stress, which can ultimately help you recover lost funds more quickly.

Get Paid What You Are Owed

Our team is dedicated to providing clients with the means to recoup financial losses from a debtor. If you use our judgment services, we only collect 35% of recovered funds. This means you don’t pay us until you have been paid.

Debt collection

Let Us Help wants to ensure that you receive what you owed by a former tenant or another party that owes you money. Our document services strive to save you time and money while facilitating more active debt collection measures, including bank levies or wage garnishment.

Post-judgment recovery

If you are a plaintiff trying to collect on a judgment, Let Us Help is happy to assist with your legal document needs. Californians have a variety of options available for collection of monies, including keeper levies, wage garnishment, till tap levies, and more.

When you need legal document preparation and filing services related to California judgments, Let Us Help paralegals are happy to assist you in getting the funds that you are owed. Call our team today at 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874) to find out more about how we can help.