Get Reliable California Debt Collection Service With Let Us Help

Let Us Help paralegals are ready to aid pro se clients in California with document preparation and filing services that help them recoup their losses by implementing debt collection measures enforced by the court. These processes strive to save you time and money while ensuring that your case is neither delayed nor thrown out due to inaccuracies in legal document creation, missed deadlines, misfilings, and other such errors.

Assessing Your Collection Needs

Let Us Help is not a collection agency but instead provides clients with the tools to implement more direct methods of recouping costs, including bank levies and wage garnishment. Our document preparation services provide you with the means to enforce judgments in ways that collection agencies are not able to accomplish by sending the debtor letters or making phone calls.

Why choose our service for your collection needs?

  • You don’t pay us until you get paid. Unless and until your funds are recovered, you do not have to pay for debt collection services. In some cases, the debtor may even be required to pay your debt collection expenses.
  • Enforcing collections. Our service allows you to actively enforce judgments so that you get back what you are owed, typically through wage garnishment or bank levies.

Fees indicated below do not include filing, recording, or courier service charges.

Debt Collection
Starting at 35% of recovered funds

Let Us Help’s Debt Collection services allow clients to create and file documents that enforce judgments in more direct ways than debt collection agencies can. A landlord seeking a judgment against a former tenant, for example, can recover losses this way.

The two most common methods of recouping expenses include:

  • Bank levies, which directly take funds from a former tenant’s bank account for more expedient pay
  • Wage garnishment, which allows clients to receive a small amount of what they are owed every time the debtor gets paid until you have been paid in full.

Let Us Help paralegals can assist you with your California debt collection document needs, including filing, when you call 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).