It’s not over until it’s sold…. Unfortunately, unpaid debts can lead to serious, life-changing consequences. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t pay your mortgage or property taxes and are facing potential foreclosure or tax sale you need to get experienced help fast.

At Let Us Help, our goal is to make people’s lives better. One way we accomplish this is by helping people keep their homes. The other way is by presenting alternative options that could prevent your lender from seizing your property, evicting you, and selling your home. We’ve helped countless individuals just like you stop the foreclosure or tax sale of their homes. Contact the office today to stop your sale.

Debt Collection
Starting at 35% of recovered funds

Let Us Help’s Debt Collection services allow clients to create and file documents that enforce judgments in more direct ways than debt collection agencies can. A landlord seeking a judgment against a former tenant, for example, can recover losses this way.

The two most common methods of recouping expenses include:

  • Bank levies, which directly take funds from a former tenant’s bank account for more expedient pay
  • Wage garnishment, which allows clients to receive a small amount of what they are owed every time the debtor gets paid until you have been paid in full.

Let Us Help paralegals can assist you with your California debt collection document needs, including filing, when you call 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).