Surplus Funds, Excess Funds, or Overages?

Surplus funds, or overages or excess funds, are the funds remaining after a mortgage or property tax is paid through the final judgment of a foreclosure or tax auction. Contact our office today if your home was sold and you never received any notification or have not received any funds from the sale.

I believe I am entitled to surplus funds. What do I do?

If you owned the home before the foreclosure or tax sale and believe you may be entitled to surplus funds, you should contact our office promptly. We can assist in finding if there are any funds available and process the necessary paperwork with the county and state to recover the funds.

Who else gets paid before I can access surplus funds?

Junior lienholders are paid before a homeowner(s) can receive any remaining money. Prior homeowners can dispute lienholders in court. The trustee turns the funds over to the court if a complaint is filed.

Will this be handled by an attorney?

Yes. All our surplus deals are handled by one of our in-house attorneys.

Surplus recovery agent or company needing assistance?

Yes, we help 3rd party companies process surplus claims. Contact our office for further information.

Debt Collection
Starting at 35% of recovered funds

Let Us Help’s Debt Collection services allow clients to create and file documents that enforce judgments in more direct ways than debt collection agencies can. A landlord seeking a judgment against a former tenant, for example, can recover losses this way.

The two most common methods of recouping expenses include:

  • Bank levies, which directly take funds from a former tenant’s bank account for more expedient pay
  • Wage garnishment, which allows clients to receive a small amount of what they are owed every time the debtor gets paid until you have been paid in full.

Let Us Help paralegals can assist you with your California debt collection document needs, including filing, when you call 866-2-LETUSHELP (866-253-8874).